Japanese Erotica File Vol. 5

Released at: December 28, 2004 by Oriental Dream Pictures
This movie has four down and dirty sex scenes, and Reina (in the center) starts and finishes the movie. She's a pretty little thing with a violet ribbon in her hair, and she answers the call of the guy who has been looking through the Yellow Pages for an escort. She comes to his room and in no time has his cock out and is sucking it. Yae is in the next scene and starts right in with her giving head. Once the guy's dick gets hard, she mounts him and bounces up and down for a while until he flips her on her back and does some maniacal missionary. Then, they roll around sweaty side by sweaty side and after a bit, he gets back on top and jerks himself off to a nice belly and tit cum shot. Fujiko with the big tits is next, and she starts off with a guy in bed. They are both dressed and then the clothes start coming off, as they look and touch and feel and explore and taste each other's bods. Yumi's sex scene is intense and they are sweaty, horny and the sex is raw. When he fucks her, it's like a pile driver and we see the dick pounding in and out. We then see her crying for more and when he cums he explodes all over her.

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Scene1: 00:00:01 - 00:22:00 (21:59)

Scene2: 00:22:00 - 00:45:31 (23:31)

Scene3: 00:45:32 - 01:06:05 (20:33)

Scene4: 01:06:06 - 01:13:15 (7:09)

Scene5: 01:13:16 - 01:29:22 (16:06)

Scene6: 01:29:23 - 01:35:03 (5:40)

Scene7: 01:35:04 - 01:40:30 (5:26)