Japanese Video Magazine No. 2

Released at: March 14, 2000 by In-X-Cess Productions
**Ai**: A 21 year-old gorgeous housewife with biggest brown eyes. Sexually neglected by her hubbie at home, she wants to experiment with an adult movie. Lots of wild sex with a huge tittie cumshot. **Miho**: A 20 year-old sexy nurse seduced by the doctor, lots of deep-throat action, toys and pussy close-ups. Wild sucking and fucking leading to a huge tittie cumshot. **Yoko**: A 20 year-old beauty with perfect, sun-tanned skin. She and her boyfriend come home from a costume party dressed like wild animals. Lots of close-ups and a huge facial cumshot. **Nami**: A 19 year-old porcelain doll with a beautiful face, perfect ass. This girl redefines the term spinner and fucks her boss, the sushi chef. Rare Japanese anal footage of this tiny beauty.

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