Released at: April 3, 2009 by Magic Moments
19 YO slender redhead Jenya sits on the bed brushing her hair in a cute black skirt. She shows you her thick brown bush. Then she begins playing with her pussy and watching herself in the mirror. She takes off her shirt so she can tweak and pinch her tiny nipples. Next you'll see close ups as Jenya brushes her furry muff. It's not long before she's rubbing the brush handle on her hot hairy slit and plunging it deep inside. Jenya ejaculates creamy girl juices that cling to the handle has she has a sweet moaning orgasm. When Jenya comes back she pulls her pants down and spreads her ass cheeks hard for you. She takes a seat and licks her slender toes. Next, she pulls her panties aside and opens her pussy wide. She gets up on her knees and gives you a close up of her hairy pussy and ass! Jenya licks her finger and sticks it up her asshole! Not satisfied she puts the brush handle up her tiny little anus and cums loudly. In her last scene Jenya gives you a hot panty tease and she licks her toes through her pantyhose. She strips slowly; Down to her pantyhose and rubs her hot hairy muff. She grabs a bottle of wine and pops the cork with her mouth. As she takes a drink she dribbles the wine down her body. As her pussy gets wet with wine she takes off her pantyhose and teases you with them. She's got her hairy anus in your face, and a finger deep inside while you watch. Next, Jenya pours her wine down her body and rubs it into her thick brown pussy hair again! She pulls her snatch wide open and you see her creamy girl juices inside. Jenya fingers her hot wet slit, and then slides the wine bottle inside. She fucks herself to a loud climax. Finally, she sits on the toilet and you get to watch her pee after all her afternoon fun.

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