Jerky Girls Vol. 26 - The Jerky Treatment

Released at: October 19, 2010 by Jerky Girls
Ashley's COCK DOMINATION!!!! What could be more fun than a completely naked Jerky Girl taunting a boy....and Wrecking his cum??........NOTHING!!!! Ha Ha ha. Butt Naked Ashley Strokes the boy's cock and keeps asking him...."Who is your Favourite Jerky Girl??". Although the obedient boy tells Her that...of course.....SHE is.......Ashley decides that he has had enough of a treat today by seeing Her in Her Birthday She stops Jerking when his cock Shoots a Massive cum Blast....and laughs at him....then Teases his sensitive cock head!!!! ASHLEY RULES!!! MISS JAMES' CUMBLAST Miss James has a student sent to her office because he is not learning the required material in his ANATOMY class. Miss James shows the boy a diagram of his genitals and points out what the parts are and what happens to those parts. The BALLS is where the SPERM is stored and the COCK SHOOTS THE SPERM. Miss James masturbates the student on her desk and removes her top so he can examine the female anatomy while his cock is being jerked. "Don't worry it will feel funny then you will CUM" she tells him. The student is so excited that he CUMS a huge spurt of semen and it just keeps coming BLAST AFTER BLAST OF REAL BOY CUM ALL OVER HIS PRINCIPAL AND HER DESK. Red Light, Green Light!! Noel's Gramma owns the J.E.R.K. Corporation......and Gramma is this Spoiled Brat will Play!!!! The Spoiled Granddaughter calls in a stupid boy and decides to have some fun with him. The boy, is threatened that if he doesn't "play along"...She will tell Her Gramma on him!! Ha Ha Ha. Noel embarks on one of the Cruelest games of Cock-Teasing imagineable. Noel Compelled the boy to endure a game of "Red Light...Green Light". Noel Jerks his cock as She says "Green Light"...then suddenly stops when She says "Red Light". After a few rounds with the boy's cock dangling dangerously near eruption....Noel goes "Red Light" on him.....and leaves him there....on the edge......and She makes a phone call!!!! She casually carries on a conversation while the boy suffers with a big Boner!!! After making him suffer....the Spoiled Brat decides to remove the boy's cum. She orders him to lie across Her desk....Straddles him.....and Pounds the cum out of his Teased cock!!!! SILENT TREATMENT Lexi enters the Massage Room holding her tricks of the trade, baby oil and kleenex. "Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh" she says when her customer tries to greet her. Lexi puts her hand to the customers mouth so he knows that he is not to speak. Lexi then applies the oil and proceeds to massage his penis slowly and silently. The customer is in total quiet and experiencing a very sensual handjob by a very sexy young lady. Soon Lexi is pulling sperm from the customer and she leaves as quietly as she arrived. STRIP JERK BY ANGELA!! Apparently when a Cute, Little 18 Year Old plays a game with a boy's cock......The Girl Wins!!! Ha Ha Ha!!! Little Angela plays a game of "Strip Jerk" with this boy from Her class. If he can hold out long enough without cumming...he will get to see Her Naked!!! For every minute of Jerking that he can hold out....Angela will remove an article of clothing. Game on!!! Angela Jerks his cock for 60 seconds....and he doesn't come Angela's pants. Game on again!!!! Uh-Oh!!!! During the next 60 seconds.....a total of LESS THAN 120 SECONDS TOTAL......the boy cums!!!!! Ha Ha Ha!!! He doesn't get to see Angela Naked. Angela Humiliates him...calling him a "Premature Ejaculator".....a "Loser"....a "Quick Cummer"

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