Jessabelle II

Released at: August 27, 2018 by MissaX
Jessa has a devious plan to break up Brooklyn and Tyler. She comes to his house and seduces him. Tyler is a good man, loves his wife, and although he is sexually attracted to Jessa, he tries to stay faithful. It's becoming increasingly difficult to remain faithful every minute Jessa is in his house. Jessa was given the gift of beauty and intelligence and she knew Tyler couldn't resist. Tyler watches in shock and paralyzed ecstasy as Jessa seems to get off knowing that Brooklyn could walk through the door and catch them any moment. "Please cum inside of me," she begs. Tyler has never came so hard in his life. Jessa grabs his cell phone, "I want you to take a picture of me," her legs are spread and her drippy creampie leaking out. "You can use it to remember me when Brooklyn comes home," she winks as she poses next to their wedding portrait. Watch the story unfold..

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