Jessica Star

Released at: August 10, 2016 by Rodney Moore Clips
"Vitamin Kitty Water Pt.2" featuring Jessica Star, & Rodney Moore - Rodney's hiring another Vitamin Kitty Waterspokesperson for their late night TV ads. Busty Jessica Star seems to have exactly what it takes, she's cute, speaks well, and most importantly, she's sporting a huge rack! But Rodney seems pretty convinced they're going to hire the last girl he shot. Maybe if Jessica does a take or two naked, just for his client, he'll be more willing to choose her instead. Jessica decides to go ahead andstrip down. With her giant juggs brushing the carpet, she crawls around on all fours then laps up the water. When she spots Rodneyjerking off to her curvy body and ample ass, she's shocked! But soon enough Rodney has her fondling his balls then sucking on his stiff prick. Rodney's happy to repay her kindness by lapping at pretty pink pussy and butt hole. She sucks his cock some more then Rodney splatters her pretty face with some vitamin packed juice of his own.

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