Jessie Lee Goes To College

Released at: November 23, 2011 by Burning Angel Entertainment
Jessie is ready to head to college and be all she can be! The world has never seen a student body like this! From Animal House to Revenge of the Nerds, movies about amorous college students have attained an iconic pop culture status. But our fascination with sultry students and scholastic sex is about to be taken to a radical new level in Burning Angel Entertainment's Jessie Lee Goes to College. Jessie Lee is not enjoying her college experience. She's stuck at a notoriously preppy campus and has a roommate she doesn't like (Andy San Dimas). However, once Jessie discovers that joining the student council and getting around on campus could result in her favorite band - Blackleg - playing at the school, things take a drastic turn. Jessie transforms from a disgruntled coed slut into a well motivated coed slut. With enough signatures on her concert petition and some under graduate cock-blowing along the way, Jessie Lee makes college a whole lot more fun! Jessie definitely knows how to use what she's got to get what she wants! An original tale of sex, studies, and the challenges of being a female entrepreneur in a male-dominated world, this timely comedy offsets its witty and accomplished storyline with strong performances and a multitude of rich and varied sexual encounters including girl-on-girl action you will not want to miss. Whether one is looking for straight-ahead couple's sessions, interracial action, or filthy facials, this 2 1/2 hour video delivers scene after scene of solid XXX excitement.

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