Johnny Wadd & His 13 Calibur Weapon

Released at: July 6, 2009 by Gourmet Video
Another one of Johnny Wadd detective stories starring John C. Holmes and his 13-Caliber weapon, who looks for clues in every bed in town. This caper puts him on the tail of a millionaire who tried to kill his wife. She had been complaining because her husband forced her to have sex with his bodyguard. After the attempt on her life, she hires Johnny Wadd to help her. Wadd is tipped off about an orgy aboard the millionaire's boat. He goes there and takes several candid photos as evidence. Meanwhile, the bodyguard kills his employer leaving the wife with his great fortune. He wants to get his hands on the money, but Big John comes in the nick of time to save the day. Another Johnny Wadd suspense thriller you won't want to miss.

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