Julia Exposed 3

Released at: January 31, 2008 by Trix Video
Julia is a grandmother and mom and does she ever like to get gang banged! In this, her third video with us, she does this and even MORE. It starts with Julia meeting and greeting a few of the guys and like a good slut, she strips naked and offers her mouth, pussy, and ass to any and all takers. You'll see her beg for cock and cum, ask to be butt fucked and she slurps up any cum that is shot into her mouth, face, ass, and pussy. She always licks the guy clean no matter what hole they pull out of! If you like cream pies, you'll love it when she actually blows bubbles with her fresh load that is pouring from her pussy and you'll find amazement as guy after guy eats her freshly fucked pussy, no matter how much cum is inside! This is one of her best vids yet and if you like cum shots, oral to completion, cream pies and beautiful sluts, then this vid's for YOU!!!

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