Released at: March 21, 2008 by Magic Moments
This nasty little Asian beauty is only 19 yrs. old with a flawless 34B(real)-24-34 body & a bald pussy! Talking nasty to you, she rubs her pussy under her panties, pulls them aside & spreads her pussy wide open! She's so hot & horny, you'll see her pussy juices cling to her fingers & her outer lips as she shoves & pumps 2 fingers deep inside! Next, she gives her huge dildo a hot blowjob, licking the shaft & wishing it were your cock! She thrusts it deep inside her hot wet pussy then licks & sucks off all her cum juices! Studio Set: She pinches her nipples until they're super hard and, at least, 1/2 inch long! She smacks her ass, squats over your face & finger fucks herself until she's wet & gooey again! She even tells you "I need to be fucked...real hard"! Next, hear loud moans & see her juicy ass hole wrap around her finger (past 2nd knuckle)! Now, she has to pee! Watch her do an endless stream, filling a bottle so high that it spills onto the floor! Table: She shoves a vibrating dildo deep inside her throbbing pussy forcing her milky juices to collect & flow to her ass hole! Then, on all 4's, there's hot moans along with more finger fucking & intense masturbation for a loud, delicious orgasm! Filthy talking, smiles & eye contact.

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