Kingdom of Ass and Pain

Released at: August 15, 2019 by Assylum
Jessica is a beautiful lifestyle slave who loves to serve and to suffer with her ass. She has a heart made of gold and an ass sculpted by the gods. That's why she's been back several times. She goes to places most girls you see just can't go--and she goes in filth and grace. This time, Dr. Mercies took her back to 3000BC, in a twisted but heartfelt retelling of Gilgamesh. This session has some extremely harsh sex, where Jessica gets anally hatefucked and smacked up; but it also has moments of sublime tenderness. The domination and sex are unscripted and real, though Dr. Mercies did have her read a pre-selected passage from from the story. This scene doesn't follow any of the rules, which means you've never seen anything like it before. It's hot as fuck, filthy, brutal, passionate, and will get you off while lifting your mind.

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