Kitten Cheats & Cucks Helpless Husband

Released at: May 26, 2022 by Filthy Kings Clips
Motherfucking slut! I walk in on Kitten, my wife, getting fucked by some random dude. Guy is a little put off, but Kitten says it's payback for my infidelity and that it's only fair that she gets to have a physical affair as well! She tells me to stay so I can watch her cheat on me. Whatever, I guess since I'm already here anyway & its my house and shit. Guy fucks my wife hard, before titty-banging her and making her gag with his fingers. My wife likes it rough so he slaps her face, big tits, legs, pussy & ass as he rough fucks the whore to many orgasms. He even sucks on her toes as he is beating up her pussy with his big cock. I watched as this stranger unloaded his cum on my hotwife's face. Payback is a fucking whore...

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