Knot Again

Released at: December 9, 2018 by California Star Productions
It seems that Dan must run over to several of his tenant's house to see if he can collect the December rents. Upon knocking on Samantha's residence he find all the usual excuses. But he notices quite a number of new items in the place. This is where his rent money has gone! They must come up with the money or be tied and teased! The girls agree and Dan gets a grouping of ropes from his car and begins to tie and tease his beautiful tenants. They are instructed to tie and tease each other almost to the point or orgasm... but not quite. Their moans are ones of overwhelming pleasure, and their ties expose the most sensuous spots of female anatomy. Rubbing, biting and licking each other their pleasure finally is released as Dan allows them to read an orgasm. Pleasured by his afternoon Dan decides to head odd to his next tenant to see if he can exact a similar deal!!

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