La Femme Chanel

Released at: July 19, 2007 by Club Jenna
The next step in the brilliant catalogue of cinematography from Bill Fisher takes you into a new realm of perception. Start salivating for ~~La Femme Chanel~~, the intoxicating concoction of beauty and copulation. Chanel St. James delivers her most poignant performance teaming with Jordan Ashley in the one of the hottest pairings you've ever seen. Strong male star, Reno meets his match in the form of Celeste Starr and Veronica Jett, it will leave you breathless. You will be amazed by sex pistol Lela Star as she rides into a one stud town and enjoys sitting shotgun in a western stage coach. La Femme Chanel promises to break all barriers, shot only as Club Jenna's sensational director can, it is sure to be an instant classic.

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