Lady and Her Maid, A

Released at: November 8, 2000 by Bizarre Entertainment
Scott comes home after a hard day's work to his loving wife. After cocktails, she decides to get into something more comfortable. She reappears in sizzling black leather and the action begins as his sweet, loving wife, Veronica, becomes the hot temptress, Mistress Veronica, controller of men! A hot session of foot and body worship complete with teasing and domination follows. Once the action really gets going, Mistress and slave retire to the bedroom for a prolonged scene of S/M lovemaking. As part of his effort to please Mistress Veronica, he promises to hire a maid. He places an ad in the paper, and while she's away, a willing applicant comes for an interview. Slave Scott decides to become Master Scott as he teaches the prospective maid the meaning of service. Mistress Veronica, along with her girlfriend, Mistress Victoria, unexpectedly return to catch them in the act! Then the action really begins!!!

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