Laela Pryce & Feenix

Released at: November 6, 2013 by Society SM
Ms. Pryce is a curvy blond who takes the submissive role to Feenix in his dungeon. She is in for one intense day. And as we shall quickly see...a rather draining one...Feenix begins with slaps to redden her flesh, and Laela already begins testing the sound barrier. She then feels the strike of the cane as he works on her soles for a bit. She stiffens and quiets briefly when he clamps and stretches her, but that silence is soon broken when Laela is coaxed into a massive, squirting orgasm that drenches the floor. Now seizing on her keen abilities in the art of the outward orgasm, Feenix will put Laela through her paces as she is subjected to a little electrical play then coated in wax and pinned. Then, bent and reddened as Feenix treats her to the whip. Throughout it all, Laela cannot control her screams in spite of the gag. Her ability to cum from the depths of her soul shall not be deterred however as she continues to squirt like mad. Finally, she hoisted against the bed-frame, where she is clamped, whipped and pressed into one final, drenching orgasmic session...screaming and squirting all the way!

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