Latex Sessions #1

Released at: March 5, 2008 by Otherworld Productions
Scene one opens up with me wearing some of my favorite latex outfits. Not into ''fetish?'' Well, this is super hot video either way. I start with one of my toys, just one at first, and a hot pink one, then a black dong after that. I love toys, no doubt about it, and as you see, one is usually not enough. This is a warm up for me; I really like to stuff my pussy as full as I can. I start to stuff multiple toys in my pussy at once, first the black dong and the pink vibrator at the same time, god, I love being stuffed. Next, I begin to shove my purple anal beads into my ass, while the two dongs are in my pussy. No faking here, I love it, no bored porn star crap, I really go nuts with these, stuffing and fucking my pussy and ass with as many things as possible. Next, while everything is still in, I shove the ''chain'' into my pussy, it is a hot pewter color, and then put the purple beads back into my ass (sometimes it takes some creativity to try and get all of that in there.) Ok, so now I have got 2 dongs and the ''chain'' in my pussy, and the purple beads all the way in my ass, so I can fuck away. I move into a variety of positions and angles, and just bring myself into a frenzy with the pleasure of being stuffed as full as I possibly can. All good things must come to an end, so I take all the toys out of my pussy, and then begin to slowly work the beads out of my ass, it is hot. I am doggy style, and you can see my pussy moving and pulsing as I remove the beads, god that feels good. You guessed it, anal chain in my ass. I love it so much; I do it twice, in and out. I am lying on my back for the first one, and fingering my pussy when I can, trying to stuff as much in there as possible. This is one of the first times that I ever put the chain in my ass, I was so surprised that it went on so well. The second time I am on my knees, and you get some nice shots of it swaying back and forth while it is halfway in my ass. Of course, the chain is not enough, so I use that black dong on my pussy again, and then I flip over, and take the black and pink dongs in my pussy while the chain is still in my ass. This was so hot, I start to play with my clit, and shove the dongs in and out of my pussy. After that is not enough, I insert the purple anal beads in my pussy too, god it looks hot, all of these toys and dongs sticking out of my holes. I keep pushing them in as far as I can, and put my legs in the air so that you can see the best view of my stuffed pussy. Then, I pull all of them out except the black dong, and the anal chain, and fuck my pussy real hard and get off with a huge orgasm (I can't even help it). On to bigger and better things, and I mean BIG. I take on this absolutely huge dong, and fuck it like there is no tomorrow. This fucker is so huge! I sit on it first, and ride it real nice for a while, then on to my back so that I can fuck myself with it, then back to sitting on it, as I get used to it, and fucking it super hard, I really let go on this one, I love it. Begins with me getting caught playing with all of my toys, and I soon begin to start sucking cock, trying to apologize for not including my fuck slave in the mix. I get my face fucked real well here. I think that I like sucking dick the best of all, which you will see. Then, I get on my knees, and give him some deep head while he is relaxed on his back. I love to see how far I can get his dick down my throat, and love to choke on it. This scene ends with a facial (my second favorite thing). Time for me to get fucked in the pussy, doggy style, I love it deep and hard. I always get off when my fuck boy slams my pussy real good, and so he does here, leaving a nice pussy Creampie in my hole. I always love the feeling of cum dripping from my pussy when he shoots his big loads in it. Finally, it is time for me to get my ass fucked, doggy style again, I just love the feeling of a big dick in my ass, and he really pounds it here too, leaving my ass nice and stretched. I had to bury my face in the pillow so that the neighbors would not hear me screaming in pleasure, god it is so hot. This scene ends with me taking a really nice load on my face; right after my mouth gets fucked again. He just kept shooting cum on this one, and it goes all over my face and in my mouth.

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