Latin Mature Women 3

Released at: September 28, 2000 by Channel 69
This is the third installment to the series "Latin mature Women". Four hot Latin women do it best, these Latina ladies know how to eat big enchiladas and get stuffed with big beef tacos. Old does not mean useless by no means at all! These women are seasoned and delectable, luscious mouths and breasts, and no fear of pleasing their partners....Amanda has a foursome with anal and DP. Erica, an interracial scene and a facial. Gabrielle 69 standing with a big black man. Gipsy gets anal from her doorman.

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Scene1: 00:01:39 - 00:26:20 (24:41)

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Scene4: 01:03:11 - 01:24:38 (21:27)