Laura's Toys

Released at: April 6, 2009 by Retro Seduction Cinema
Legendary art house sexploitation auteur Joseph Sarno was the brilliant creative force behind dozens of the greatest erotica films ever produced (Inga, Swedish Wildcats). His psychologically intense and sexually incendiary depictions of rampant female lust set grindhouse cinema screens on fire in the 1960s and 70s. Sarno films are heavily female-centric, and his women are strong, desirous and just plain naughty, and they always get what they want! Laura and her husband Walter, an archaeologist, are spending a working summer on a small island off the Swedish mainland. Walter is searching for traces of a prior civilization that inhabited the area, and he and his sultry assistant Anna are making little progress...that is until professor and student decide to dig a little deeper and discover one another - several times over. Although Laura catches their affair in full view, she has other thoughts on her mind that might lead her body and sensual passions astray. Her long-time friend Hanni - an exquisite nymph with whom she shared every conceivable encounter when the two of them went to school together - is visiting the mainland, and a rekindling of orgiastic ecstasy easily awaits. But a sudden blooming attraction to the naïve, buttoned-up Anna convinces Laura that she must teach her husband's lover all she needs to know about forbidden female pleasures. As the eroticism reaches a fever pitch, Anna, Laura, Walter and Hanni must question their consciences and choose sides, or throw propriety to the wind and indulge in one last mind-bending group effort.

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