LC-74: Daniella And Marisa Vs. Kathya/Zoe And Marisa Vs. Brigitte

Released at: May 6, 2009 by L. Scott Sales
This 2 on 1 encounter gets out of control quickly. Danielle holds Kathya and Marisa bombards her with open face slaps, back hand slaps, punches to her tits and belly, knees to the abdomen and vicious kicks to her belly and legs. Kathya does her best to fight back but ends up screaming her submission at the feet of the winner. Fitness champ Brigitte has been dominating every woman we throw at her so we put her up against 2 catfight veterans. Brigitte holds her own and had the upper hand and looks like she just might win. Someone gets smothered with a pillow and then gets nude face sitting that totally decides things.

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