Leather World

Released at: August 12, 1998 by Heatwave
Welcome to an amusement park for adults, where every forbidden fantasy is yours for the asking! It begins like an erotic game; John (Tony Tedeschi) is taken by two Leather Girls (Militia and Ember). They throw him in the back of a van and ravage him to explore the darker side of his sexuality by "hooking up" with her hand-made androids. They're human in every way - and more! Meanwhile, the Hostess experiences her own creations in a hot round of double penetration. The Technician (John Decker) also puts a spark into the latest model (Lauren Montgomery). After witnessing many sizzling encounters, John discovers that his hidden desire is nothing less than a backdoor encounter with the Hostess! Leather World - where you don't get out... until you get off!

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