Lee Nover 6

Released at: January 6, 2003 by In-X-Cess Productions
"While on vacation in Spain, I meet the prettiest ladies from around the world! Just think, me, a dirty old man, gets to stick my finger (and other parts) up their sweet tight asses! If they let me do that, just imagine what other wonderful things I get to do!" -Lee On the isle of Ibiza in Spain, Lee and his buddies meet big-titted Tania. She's a Norwegian sweetie who loves exploring new areas. Her new discoveries include getting it in the butt and a wild two dick face creaming! Lee and Frank run into beautiful raven-haired Katy. She's on vacation here in Spain. The boys suggest a back door 3-way. This leads to hot fucks, a rectum stretching anal and a flood of hot goo all over her pretty face! Ukrainian Nicolette is in Spain to taste the wine. She meets Frank and Lee and soon learns to appreciate the taste for love-juice in a hot facial. Of course they properly introduce themselves with hot anal cramming first! After a late night on the town, back at the villa, the gents meet Rita. This girl really digs anal sex! The guys are happy to help. She 's so hot, even Dave the cameraman shoots a thick load of spunk in her face!

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