Lesbian Classifieds: My First Time Searching

Released at: March 7, 2012 by Girl World Pictures
Five hot, horny and beautiful young ladies can no longer resist the burning desire inside them as they seek out their first lesbian, girl-on-girl encounter. After posting an ad searching for their first-time experience watch these fantasy seekers kiss, suck, lick and fuck their way to fulfillment as they enjoy themselves in ways they never knew were possible! Kimber and Jane wearing sexy white lace lingerie, starting with a sensual kiss that is sure to make their pussies drip. Wet and ready they play with a white strap on in bed. Dirty girls, Rachael and Kaitlyn are ready for some nice clean fun in the hot bubble bath. Seeing each others hot bodies they can't resist turning up the heat, and taking off their clothes. Summer girls, Caprice and Liana decide to meet at the pool and soon enough their tight jean shorts are slipping off and these girls are ready to get down, and dirty! Nikita and Natalia are cute, horny, curious and can't be any older then 18 or 19. Their young curious minds find their fingers and tongues slipping into new places and enjoying every inch of their bodies. Sexy beach bums, Nomy and Lilian are hot and wet in the summertime ocean. But, the water isn't the only thing making them wet; the sight of each others perfect tits is enough to drive them wild. They don't care who sees them on this public beach, they can't resist each other.

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Scene1: 00:00:55 - 00:17:55 (17:00)


Jane, Kimber

Scene2: 00:17:55 - 00:35:57 (18:02)



Scene3: 00:35:57 - 00:53:58 (18:01)

Scene4: 00:53:58 - 01:12:25 (18:27)


Natalia, Nikita

Scene5: 01:12:25 - 01:29:00 (16:35)


Lilian, Nomy