Lesbian Playtime

Released at: December 30, 2021 by Mature British Lesbians
Time to Play and I have brought my good friend Lily May back to my Bedroom to have some girlie fun and we waste no time getting re-acquainted with plenty of Kissing & cuddling and Fondling before starting to undress each other and really get down to business, I lay back on the bed and Lilly May started to slap my pussy before sliding a finger or three deep into my wet cunt before getting down and licking all the juices off and teasing my clit. Lily's Turn Next so she lay back and spread her legs and pussy lips exposing her erect clit ready to receive my tongue, I sucked hard on Lily May's wet Cunt and savoured all those pussy juices before sliding in a vibrator to bring her to a climax, my turn next and I lay back and Lily got to work on me with a vibrator and she pounded away at my Cunt until I reached orgasm, what a perfect way to spend an afternoon. Trisha xxx

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