Lesbian Psychodramas Vol. 13

Released at: May 17, 2013 by Girlfriends Films
**2014 AVN Award Nominee for Best All-Girl Series.** Here's some serious lesbian drama from the acclaimed series by Girlfriend Films! Girls will be girls, figuring out what turns them on turns into definitely knowing and enjoying the process. Mother and her friend are setting an example by expressing how comfortable it can be, loving someone of the same sex. After the younger girls have their lusty fun, they talk about it together, realizing how being attracted to each other is not that strange and that they're more comfortable around each other than anyone they've ever been with. Still, lots of pretty tits to snatch tasting among this all-star cast!

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Scene1: 00:00:10 - 00:39:01 (38:51)

Scene2: 00:39:03 - 01:20:47 (41:44)


Allie Haze

Scene3: 01:20:50 - 02:04:14 (43:24)

Scene4: 02:04:18 - 02:44:29 (40:11)


Mia Gold