Lesbian Webgirls 2

Released at: July 7, 2013 by T&A Studios
These girls love pussy, and aren't afraid to show it! Vixen, Alanna, Kimmi, Anna and Harmony are showing their true slutty colors in scene one with a steamy five-girl orgy! Coed babe Roxanne completely submits to the feel good vibrations of her MILF mistress - Anna. Anna makes her crawl across the floor like the good little pet she is before tying her down and stroking Roxanne's hotbox with her favorite dildo! Last but definitely not least are the two blonde bombshells Janey and Erika. These two lock legs in sizzling scissor action to drive each other into a sexual frenzy!

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Scene1: 00:00:01 - 00:36:13 (36:12)

Scene2: 00:36:14 - 00:48:33 (12:19)


Anna, Roxanne

Scene3: 00:48:21 - 01:02:04 (13:43)