Lessons At St. Winnifred

Released at: April 5, 2009 by California Star Productions
When the headmaster of St. Winnifred's calls the staff members together to deal with the problem of their errant students everyone knows that he is quite serious! First Misset and Beddows, two students, are called to the office for wearing erotic undergarments. The headmaster, brandishing a strap and a cane calls them 'saucy tarts that need proper punishment' and proceeds to give it out in measured doses. Each of the girls must assume the position over the punishment chair to take her due. The strap lands with a painful accuracy on the bare cheeks eliciting cries of pain and humiliation as they count the strokes. Next, two more students, Miss Lovett and Miss Green, are spotted reading a men's magazine. The headmaster, outraged by this impropriety, orders both to receive punishment by their own representative. Norton, the head girl.

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