Like a Virgin

Released at: July 15, 2022 by Mack Kensington Studios
Strokies has got a really sensational Devyn Hart handjob for you to devour tonight! Brunette cutie pie Devyn Hart talks unabashedly about having taken four black cocks at the same time, but she has never yet done just a handjob for the camera. Every time, there was other stuff going on as well. This time Devyn is just going to take one dick into her hands and jerk it off like a champ until he cums. Being in the business for about seven months now, you can expect that Devyn already gained quite some skills and experience. And indeed she has. She's ready to show off everything she's learned and show just how worthy she is of any guy's time because she's just so fucking talented in the bedroom! Slowly and seductively, Devyn strips nude and her petite body glows as she grabs the dick and starts stroking it. 24-year-old Devyn gets so horny from the handjob that she starts fingering her pussy! That view feels magnificent and our satisfaction goes through the roof. She goes wild for him, looking him in the eye the entire time and just working him like it's her job, like there's nothing else in the world that even matters to her other than getting him off. All the fun ends with a load of jizz splashing all over Devyn's face and body. So, what do you think? How good of a job did Hart do for her first time POV handjob? Should we invite her back for more?

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