Lil' Stella's Really Short Stories

Released at: August 27, 2010 by Maddy G Productions
**2011 AVN Award Nominee for Best Specialty Release - Other Genre.** Spinning off the Hit Adult Sitcom "Inside Marie's Play Place," where fans just can't get enough of the Pint Sized Special Guest Stella Marie and the hilarious misadventures inside the Hottest Playground on the Planet! Hear Stella tell her side of the story that "Series 4" didn't show you. Including her knock out fight with John Michaels, her embarrassing "Shower Incident," what happened when she ran into Jenny, saw the boos getting banged in an office, and find out whatever became of her random affair with Ferris. Packed with the same hilarious high jinks and super hot sex from the show critics and fans are calling "Genius," all from the perspective of the hottest midget in porn. One thing is guaranteed, you've never seen anything like this...ever!

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