Lisa Linn Pantyhose

Released at: November 26, 2020 by Playtime Video
20 year old Asian beauty, Lisa Linn does her 1st ever pantyhose video in DVD 724. Lisa gives a little giggle and asks if you want to see her butt. That butt, encased in black sheer to the waist pantyhose without panties. Nice! Serious up her dress views as she stands over you then asks "Do you want to suck on my feet?", as she plops her nylon covered size 5's in your face. Dress now off as she exposes her 34B tits and thrusts her cotton panel directly at you. Under and over the hose crotch rubbing before she discards the pantyhose to show you her trimmed 20 year old pussy! 2nd scene, Lisa parades around the room in a wrap skirt, red 4" clear heel sandals and nude pantyhose, this time without crotch guard. More light, sweet verbal teasing as you look right up her skirt while she rubs her snatch in your face. Off with her skirt, top and heels to get at that hose covered pussy again. Good Stuff! She strips off the pantyhose to, again, give you an unobstructed view of her Asian womanhood as she spanks her own ass. 3rd scene, sexy Lisa is on the bed in a blue, tight mini dress and black gloss pantyhose. More great up shots as she can't keep her hands off herself knowing you're watching. "Do you want to come on my pantyhose?", she coos. She licks her own toes and humps her pillow as she is getting very horny tasting her own juices before stripping off the hose to finish herself and you off. Sweet Asian beauty who gets transformed into a pantyhose tease!

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