Little Asian Transsexuals Vol. 16

Released at: August 28, 2009 by Third World Media
Ladyboys from Thailand are only getting cuter and their cocks are only getting harder!! Few have been around as long as Third World Media to witness this amazing phenomenon. Little Asian Transsexuals is a long running, best selling series, featuring brand new Ladyboys that are so convincing that one would never know these were not beautiful young Thai girls; that is until they pull down their tiny panties and expose their healthy and very hardy girl wangs. S is our cover model for this volume. She has red hair and a sweet face. She smiles nice and giggles a lot; especially when a fat falang (white) penis is in her face and her own rock solid, hairless 8 inch Thai noodle is standing on its end. Her titties are small, natural and barely budding, while her massive stick is constantly hard, thick and fat. Cameraman Dimitri cant resist a little tug of her sausage and even lends up his entire hand for her to fuck. She slaps around her own dong for a while, before Allan comes in to lend her some of his own to suck on. She swallows the bulk of his long shaft, while continuing to dribble some pre-cum from her penis tip. She begs for Allans white meat in her ass and rides it in several positions, as her stiffie flops around in circles. He pulls out of her ass, as anal juice dribbles and he whacks a batch off on her face and in her mouth. She tosses her chubby around, finally globbing up a semi-clear one on the sheets and into her own hand. With cum coated hands she kisses us all goodbye. Gam is a unique looking girl with bleached hair, blueish-colored eyes and a thick ass not typically seen on a Thai girl. Her girl cock is long, stiff and well covered and coated with a thick protective foreskin layer. Her nut sack is huge, drooping to her ass, as she strokes herself while Allan plays with her highly inflamed and very puffy hormonal titties. She bends over, giving Allan easy access to her deepest and darkest chamber and handles his pounding well. Her stiff rod and saggy ball bag bounce around, before she drops her own juice, spreading it around on her dark pubic patch, while Allan picks her right tit as the dumping ground for his wad. First is very tall and very sexy; with long, long legs and equally long hair to match. Her tits are small and natural, yet capped with dark toned hard erect nipple tips.. She is thin, stylish and very ladylike, with the single exception of the small yet stiff stump between her legs that she keeps jacking around. Her ball sack is tiny and tight, while her pubes are thick and very dark, and the pinkish colored tip of her penis peeks through her foreskin end cap. She likes to ride cock and is continuously hard, as Allan fucks and she jerks; spilling a thick one across her long black pubic hair and down her mid section. Allan finishes her off by adding his cum to her sticky wad, further soiling her tight nut sack and still stiff weenie. Dia wears fishnet stockings and purple lingerie to show off her tight body and long legs. Her massive cock can hardly stay contained and quickly busts out of her panties and straight into her hand to jerk, as Allan introduces himself by fucking her mouth. Her cock is constantly stiff as she gets it from behind, on top and on her side too. She can not control herself anymore and dispenses a thick, white creamy bunch onto her own trim belly, while Allan scatters his seed all around the same area. Her pink tipped phallus curls up and goes back into hiding deep inside her thick foreskin sheath.

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