Lizzy Borden Vs. Gina Lynn

Released at: December 14, 2013 by Sinister TV
Lizzy Borden and Gina Lynn are two of the most in demand and nastiest porn starlets in the industry today. And in this movie, they clash head-to-head in a battle to see who is the hottest and naughtiest! Lizzy and Gina also happen to be two of the most vivacious blondes with similar body-types. They're both blonde, large breasts and hot shaved, tight pussies! Needless to say, if you're a fan of either Lizzy Borden or Gina Lynn - you need to get in on this one!

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Scene2: 00:25:24 - 00:39:09 (13:45)


Gina Lynn

Scene3: 00:39:10 - 00:55:16 (16:06)

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