Lori Anderson's Fetish Flick

Released at: December 15, 2007 by Internet Entertainment
Well, I do a few things in this movie that I'm not exactly proud of, but it really turned me on doing it. Flashing the US coast guard off the cruise ship balcony? Have you ever seen a girl go in for their yearly gynecology exam? Well, my doctor is pretty cool, and to say the least he really enjoys seeing my pussy. He makes sure every time I go in to see him that he lets me know this once I'm naked and my legs are apart up in the stirrups. He just stares at my pussy, so I make sure it's well groomed before I show up to see him. I guess the camcorder in his office didn't really bother him. How about playing a slutty schoolgirl that gets fucked by the sex education teacher? I also did a very sexy shower leg and pussy shaving scene. My all over tan from the nude resort looked great inside the white shower stall. I was an extremely horny Easter Bunny. You can see that there's much more to see in my fetish movie. Stockings, costumes, and high heels are just some of the rest of what I have here!

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