Lovin' Leana Down With Oil

Released at: February 11, 2023 by Filthy Kings Clips
Leana Lovings is the ideal nerdy girl next door. Until she takes off her glasses - and then bam - she's elegant, graceful and totally natural. Little Leana is nervous, but excited to get oiled up & dicked down with Jay's big, black cock. Jay drenches her perfect tits. Then he moves on to her lacy, transparent panties. Jay fingers Leana's tight little pussy from behind while she strokes his fat dick. She gets eager and takes him in her mouth. Her pussy is dripping wet when she slides down Jay's shaft, she creams up as he pounds her petite hole. Jay plays with her ass while he porks her from behind, making Leana orgasm hard onto his cock, that filthy little pervert! Leana happily takes Jay's big load all over her face and in her mouth.

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