Lucy's Bush!

Released at: November 28, 2020 by Lusty Lucy
Lusty Lucy is sitting on her couch while wearing glasses with her curly hair tied back. Her feet are propped up and her legs open showing off her full hairy bush. She starts running fingers up and down between her pussy lips while running her other hand over one of her big tits. She immediately begins grinding her hips against her hand as her fingers are full of her hairy pussy lips. She squeezes her nipple and continues to rub as her pussy gets wetter and wetter. Lucy brings the camera closer so that you get a closer view of her hairy cunt. Now you can see that she has grown her bush all the way down between her butt cheeks! She rubs her fingers faster and faster in the forest of hair before finally grabbing her pretty, pink glass dildo. She slowly teases herself with the sex toy, running it up and down between her pussy lips. Lucy pumps the glass dildo faster between her lips and you can hear how wet she is! Lucy then opens her pussy on one side with her hand while guiding the glass dildo inside her hairy, pink fuck hole with the other hand. She grinds it and pumps it on the inside and out, back and forth until finally setting it aside to use her fingers to show off all of her wetness! Lucy takes her time playing with her pretty hair-covered pussy before moving on to the next toy... Now Lucy has a small, wand vibrator. She turns the vibe on and sets it on her clit. She moans and sighs as she bucks her hips up against the vibe while pressing it hard on her clit! She gets close but ends up setting the vibrator to the side to play with her pretty, blue dildo. She gets it inside, pulls one leg up high and pumps that sex toy in and out of her hairy snatch! Finally, Lucy is ready to cum. Keeping the blue dildo inside, she grabs her vibe again and works the two toys in and on her hairy cunt. She ends up opting to ditch the dildo until finally, she explodes in orgasm against the wand vibe, her thick thighs shuttering as she sighs.

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