Mackenzie Mack

Released at: March 29, 2009 by Magic Moments
In the bedroom 23 YO Mackenzie tries on a few different outfits. You'll see her in a camouflage bikini, a tiny blue mini skirt and matching top, and last but most certainly not least in black fishnets with a black velvet panty set. She looks so fan-fucking-tastic from every angle, you'll be as desperate to get off as she is. She teases you mercilessly as she strips slowly from her panties and matching top, pulling her candy-pink pussy wide open for you to examine. Mackenzie slips a vibrator into her juicy slit, talking dirty the whole time. She's so good at making you want to be deep inside her. She moans loudly and then gets on all fours to finish bringing herself off. As she climaxes she shudders with pleasure and then opens herself wide in your face. ANAL FINGER INSERTION! Mackenzie looks so voluptuous lying on the couch in her thong panties and white tank top. She enjoys reading erotic novels in her spare time. They get her off like nothing else. As she lies there reading she begins playing with her large, perky breasts, and her thong just can't contain her. She strokes her clit and gets on all fours. As she talks filthy to you she fills her pussy with two fingers until she surrenders to a panting orgasm. This young blonde bombshell loves to make herself dessert. LITERALLY! She gets out the chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and strawberries. She teases you playfully by spraying whipped cream on her full rack, and rubs a strawberry on her pussy, flavoring it with her silky juices, just before she eats it. She gets sticky with the chocolate syrup, and rubs her whipped-cream-covered anus just before slipping two fingers deep into her wet pussy. She bangs her love tunnel, moaning loudly until she orgasms with delight. BONUS SCENE: Watch Mackenzie get cleaned up from her dessert with an erotic shower. Lots of pulled-open, pink close-ups.

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