Mackenzie Mack Pantyhose

Released at: November 19, 2020 by Playtime Video
"Hi! I'm Mackenzie Mack. I'm 22 years old and I'm here to model my Pantyhose for you and turn you on!" Nice start! This blonde beauty stars in 755 by raising her red dress, bending over and exposing her nude, sheer to the waist Pantyhose (without panties, I might add). The seam of the Pantyhose divides her pussy lips. She knows what will turn you Pantyhose Boys on, including standing right above you with her legs spread while she jams her hand inside the hose. Her dress comes off as she straddles your face while her 36D tits sway. The gloss of the Pantyhose snug up on her ass will melt you before she strips them off to spread her hot, sweet pussy. Next, Mackenzie comes down the stairs in her tight mini skirt, 4" platform heels and black seamed Pantyhose, again, without panties. "Are you ready to see my feet?" as she displays her hose covered size 6 feet. The Pantyhose have reinforced heels and toes. Hot! Her legs now spread wide, we focus on her damp cotton panel. Now, down to just the Pantyhose, she slams her hand inside before she strips them off to get her fingers in and on that snatch. 3rd scene, Mackenzie is outside in a sexy brown patterned dress and black sheer to the waist Pantyhose that she proudly displays. She saunters back inside the house to get busy making sure you get to see those Pantyhose up close. Dress and shoes gone, you can now just focus on those Pantyhose snug up on her perfect ass and coochie. Lastly, a strip to nude and spreads to finish. Full unabashed Nudity and Plenty of Pantyhose!

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