Magical Panty Remover Episodes 9 & 10

Released at: November 21, 2017 by Brandon Lee Harrington Productions
**Scene 1: Ada Bomb** Ada was crashing at my place for a while. I politely suggested that if she wanted to repay me, sex would be acceptable. Can you believe she didn't think that was a good idea?! That's when I excused and gave myself a spray of my magical panty remover. Next thing I know she's tugging at my pants and off they go. She sucks my dick gently, but that's not my style, so I stand up and fuck her face like a pussy. Next I fuck her actual pussy, before I move on to her ass. She said: "I don't usually do this". Yeah well, Brandon Lee Harrington has that effect on women. I finish up by giving her an ass full of cum. **Scene 2: Chyrstal Lite** She thought she was gonna show up and do a solo video where she simply played with herself. LOL, yeah right. One whiff of my patented magical panty remover spray and she was not only wanting to suck my dick and give me the pussy, but she offered up the ass as well. I shot my cum deep in her asshole.

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