Make Me Swallow

Released at: January 1, 2004 by Maddy G Productions
From the deviant mind of Marie Madison , the creator of "Slave Trade" and "The Agency" comes a collection of intense hard oral fantasies. Make Me Swallow explores the darker side of fantasy fetish play where Marie finds herself in six situations beyond her control. Featuring sexy role playing, this intense series of scenes has Marie playing "the Disobedient Wife", "The Slut Cheerleader" and the sexually frustrated "Minister" as she sucks, gags and you guessed it, SWALLOWS load after load. It is an intense fetish adventure that features more than just Marie's amazingly deep throat. You will see spanking, ATM, hard anal, facials and a hidden camera videos that puts you right into Marie's bedroom during an especially hard throat fucking.

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Scene1: 00:00:00 - 00:10:30 (10:30)

Scene2: 00:10:30 - 00:27:08 (16:38)

Scene3: 00:27:08 - 00:50:50 (23:42)

Scene4: 00:50:50 - 01:06:20 (15:30)

Scene5: 01:06:20 - 01:20:10 (13:50)

Scene6: 01:20:10 - 01:35:55 (15:45)