MaleDom #4

Released at: October 10, 2010 by Wasteland Studios
French Perversion Amy Lee gets off on the feeling of helplessness, and being naked and hogtied is about as vulnerable and helpless as she can get! She loves the attention of her Master; loves having her body manipulated and fondled by him. The feeling of agony and pleasure happening simultaneously makes her wet, and she calls out for more. More sensation, more cock and especially more of anything and everything Master deemed her worthy of. Pushing on Boundaries Leileyn continues her lessons with Master Eric X. We all saw the transition from pouty to petulant and only under the strict guidance of Master has Leileyn been able to move forward. Today however, she has another surprise for her beloved Master, one that is bound to get into trouble. She can't stop smiling and laughing. She is pushing on the boundaries to see just how far she can take it. She is testing the proverbial waters. She is not going to like the outcome. The Taming of Ten "Are those instructions clear?" Master asked, speaking slowly and articulating ever word. Ten did hear him, and nodded her response. The intense sensation on her nipples from the clamps was excruciating, the pole she was straddling has found its home deep between her pussy lips and any movement was agony. Now she had to stand on her toes, her muscles started to quiver from the strain. Then the realization hit her, she was only two minutes into her lesson. The Petulant One Has Cheri answered back once too often? Does she do it just for attention, or more specifically for the attention of her Master. When asked repeatedly why she is there, she smirks and replies "I don't know". Her eye's close slightly as her body absorbs the impact of Master's flogger. The pure joy and ecstasy displayed clearly on her face. She will do whatever it takes to be brought to another mind blowing orgasm. Hot Salsa When the lovely Jade goes for her first Salsa lesson, she swears she knows her instructor. She questions him repeatedly, to no avail. Unconvinced, Jade confronts him with his true identity, "I know your Simon Blackthorne". The statement is followed almost immediately with her attempting to seduce the now furious dance instructor. The truth of the matter is, she is correct. Master Blackthorne, unhappy with being exposed, decides that Jade needs to learn a lesson in politeness and respect, and so the punishment begins.

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