Manaconda #3

Released at: April 1, 2008 by Bone Digital
Manaconda Volume 3; Richard Mann is large and in charge! He shows no mercy! Arianna Armani, Nichole Heiress, Reena Sky, Shawna Leene, and Teagan Hart are five brave, willing, white chicks who are bold enough to lay down with the one-eyed snake. Their goal is to sooth the savage beast. First, they fall to their knees and trap it inside their warm, moist mouths, sucking it hard, going deeper and deeper. Next, they spread open their pink, hairless pussies, and assume the position. Then finally, they mount the wild Manaconda! Bucking their hips up and down until the endangered snake spews its fiery venom all over their pretty white faces.

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