Manipulating Men 1268 - Secret Crush

Released at: March 26, 2014 by Red MILF Productions
Rachel is an unscrupulous publisher who steals writer's works. On learning that her former college girlfriend Grace has written a manuscript, she calls her up for a meeting. Her plan is to spike the blonde's drink and trick her into handing the work over for free. Rachel fancies her chances because she knows Grace has long had a lesbian crush on her. In the course of conversation Rachel takes things in a sexual direction by describing the times at college when she sucked off her professor, jerked off the dean, and had lesbian sex with her room-mate. Each incident is recalled in vivid, life-like detail. They arouse Grace until she's ripe for seduction. Presently, Rachel changes into a PVC outfit and makes out with the dazed blonde. Sex-toys and a strap on fucking drive Grace so wild that she eventually tells Rachel the code for accessing her manuscript.

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