Released at: April 5, 2021 by Penthouse
Rosie has just broken up with her boyfriend, Jay. She goes on a hike and bumps into Dean who invites her to a Masquerade Ball. Rosie will go if she can bring her roommate, Lea. That works because Dean's buddy Samuel could be her date. But it's going to rain and Katie who is hosting the party is concerned that there will be so many people they don't know. Meanwhile Samuel picks up the wrong girl and Rosie's roommate goes off with Dean. All's well that ends well though when your life is a Penthouse masquerade! Rosie (Layla Sin) wants to go on a hike but Jay (Smooth) is entrenched in his video games. Positioning herself between him and the video screen finally gets his attention. There will be no hiking but plenty of pussy licking, BJ, cowgirl, mish, spoon, reverse cowgirl with a finale pop to the breasts! Samuel (Ryan Mclane) is looking for 2 girls wearing masks, what he doesn't know is that he has found the wrong two girls, but that might be better! When Luna (Star) is flattered by his approach she goes home with him where they enjoy sucking each other's lower regions, do mish, spoon, cowgirl, and titty fucking to pop - yup, it was definitely better! Darcie's (Dolce) friend has left her alone in a bar. Fortunately, the bartender, Jayme (Langford) is more than happy to occupy Darcie's time, and, it's closing time! Up on the bar for some licking, sucking and finger fucking! I'll drink to that! Now Dean (Aaron Wilcoxxx) has the wrong girl, Lea (Lexis), but she happens to be the perfect girl for a night of fun! There's eating pussy, blow jobs, reverse cowgirl, mish, and doggy ending with a pop on her sweet shaved pussy, just before the "right girl" ? Rosie enters. Busted! It's the morning after the party. Both Katie (Morgan) and Xander (Corvus) are hung over, but horny. Katie knows just the remedy for that! It's one-part blowjob, one-part pussy licking, and a bunch of other parts including doggy, spoon, cowgirl, mish with a final pop to her fine firm breasts! Happy hangover!

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