Massage Rooms Presents - Mona On Thomas

Released at: June 22, 2014 by Massage Rooms Clips
A foot, leg and chest rub was a calm start to what turned out to be a rampant exchange of sexual desires between Mona and Thomas. Mona usually likes to take her time to ensure her clients are well rubbed down and relaxed, but on this fine day she was on a mission to get Thomas's hard cock inside her as soon as possible. It started with a very filthy blow job, shortly followed by Mona getting out her big milky breasts, which looked plump and sexy as she gave Thomas an oily tit fuck, causing his helmet to almost shoot off with excitement. These two connected instantly and off they ventured on their sexual journey. Mona began teasing Thomas by rubbing her wet pussy up and down his cock, then riding it hard until she screamed and shuddered as she came all over it.

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