Massage Rooms Presents - Tracy On Alyssa

Released at: March 20, 2014 by Massage Rooms Clips
Tracy is now very relaxed and confident in her role as masseuse and is quickly becoming a favorite with the clients as her beautiful face and firm young body are a real joy to the eye. Her next client Alyssa was a hot young Canadian girl on vacation, and whose body is simply pure sex, her bum is so juicy that you want to bury your head in it and her skin is beautifully soft to the touch. Tracy was smiling like the cat that had got the cream when she heard Alyssa's sexy Canadian accent and she found it very hard to calm herself down and concentrate on the job but she continued like a true professional and oiled up the hottie's body before warming it with her hands. Alyssa was soon gasping for air and responded well to Tracy's tender touch and the two were engulfed by each other's sexual energy as Tracy slipped her fingers in and out of Alyssa's welcoming hole until she shuddered and wriggled as she came hard.

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