Masseuse 3

Released at: May 29, 1998 by Vivid
**1998 XRCO Award Winner for Best Film. ** A young nerdy guy gets his heart broken by his college sweetheart and goes on a quest to find love in one of the most unusual places. He starts his search in the bright lights and big city of New York where he meets a man that puts him on the path of a massage parlor that believes in fulfilling a man's wants and needs. When Vivid re-released "The Masseuse 3" on DVD it cut out some of the sex scenes. This version of the movie is the DVD version and is missing the following scenes: the threesome sex scene between Mr. Marcus, Taylor Hayes and Billy Glide; a scene between Herschel Savage and Leanni Lei; a scene between Jamie Gillis and Katie Gold. If you happen to know where we can get a copy of the full movie, please contact us through the Contact Us page.

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