Massie is a Baby Vampire

Released at: October 16, 2023 by Hot Clits
Carl's grandmother bought a house at an auction, sight unseen, and asks Carl to make a determination whether to hold it, live in it or flip it. Carl walks in and is stunned. He first sees a female skeleton on a bench and also notices a coffin standing upright. He undoes the clasp on the coffin, opens it up, and sees a gorgeous young female with fangs protruding from her mouth. He makes a brilliant assumption that it is a female Vampire. He tells her to suck in her fangs and they can talk. She tells Carl she was tricked into getting bitten and becoming a vampire. Carl tells her that she can have a pint of his blood if he can have some fun with her. Also, he says he has a friend who runs a blood bank, and he can keep her full on blood. She agrees and Carl gets to fuck the vampire. After a long session, he cums on her ass and licks up his cum. Then he tells her she can have pint of his blood! Looks like the start of a great relationship!!

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