Master of Misery

Released at: March 2, 2008 by California Star Productions
Misery is Shannon's middle name in this dire descent into the murky labyrinths of the dungeon of eternal night. Tightly bound hand and foot, she fearfully awaits the prurient pleasure of her Bondmaster. Perhaps if her muffled pleads convey the depths of her emotional distress, if the sensuous gyrations of her curvaceous body, straining and twisting against unrelenting bonds, bring some measure of warmth to his frigid soul, perhaps then he will show mercy and give her a few brief moments of freedom. Mercy? There is no such word in the vocabulary of the Bondmaster. The sole purpose for Shannon's existence is to bring pleasure. And the pleasure he requires is her dance of desperation within the tight restrains of the Bondmaster's dungeon of dark delights.

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