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Released at: September 26, 2023 by Girlsway
Misty Stone is tidying up her living room when she hears a knock at the front door. Misty opens the door to reveal Sonny McKinley, who used to babysit Misty's stepdaughter, Daya Knight, ages ago. It turns out that Daya and Sonny have set up a date together. Misty is totally okay with it, and allows Sonny inside, pointing her up to Daya's room. But later that day, Misty starts hearing strange noises coming from Daya's room. If she didn't know any better, she can swear it sounds like SEX! Maya Woulfe and her girlfriend, Lulu Chu, are getting frisky in Maya's room. Suddenly, they are interrupted when Maya's stepmom, Bunny Madison, barges into the room. Bunny admits that she's been hearing the sounds of Maya and Lulu's lovemaking through the walls for weeks now. Maya and Bunny apologize, saying they won't do that in the house anymore if it makes Bunny uncomfortable. But to the girls' surprise, Bunny says that she isn't mad - she just wants to watch them make love! Reagan Foxx arrives home from a business trip and is greeted by her stepdaughter Katie Kush, who asks if Reagan brought back a souvenir from Las Vegas. Reagan awkwardly says that she did. Reagan explains that she went on the business trip with her coworker, Kendra James. After bonding plus wild Vegas-style partying, Reagan and Kendra got MARRIED there. They all agree that they should have a sensual celebration together as a family!

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