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Released at: September 12, 2017 by California Star Productions
The Tickling Nudist Club is the place to be if you love to be tied and tickled. Here we get to see what happens to the newest member of the club. First she is tied down so that she can hardly move. Then an accomplished member begins the process. She has no trouble convincing her to strip off her clothes to reveal her sweet little pussy for tickling with the feather and fingers. Watch her roll around and scream for mercy as the teacher continues. But after this new member of the club is initiated, she does get her own revenge on her new friend.

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Scene1: 00:00:36 - 00:19:04 (18:28)

Scene2: 00:19:07 - 00:47:55 (28:48)

Scene3: 00:47:57 - 00:54:11 (6:14)